Sparrow Island

This is another interesting Watercolour from my Calgary days. This was a special spot on the Bow River.


Bow River View

I spent almost four years in Calgary, and have some great friends there. This watercolour with charcoal from fall '97 shows the Bow River in the morning, from just west of downtown.


Art Awareness

Golan Levin is an artist and engineer. He gave a very interesting presentation to TED about his work. (See video link.) At about 9 minutes into this video he shows two examples of art that looks at you. I recommend TED as a source for a lot of interesting presentations. Golan Levin video on TED.


Lady of The Lake

This 1992 collograph was a gift for my mother.


Where Faeries Live

Have you ever been to a place where it really did feel like there were Faeries hiding around you?

I painted this at twilight at just such a place.


Trees in the Middle Ground

Someone asked, "How do you paint trees when they're near enough to see them individually, but far enough that you don't need that much detail?"

This sketchbook page from 2004 uses overlapping zig-zag rows of 'trees.' See the top right where two of these fringes meet.


"Calais" is another favorite painting done during the same period. It brings together many of the considerations mentioned in my Artist Statement: printmaking, realism, the strangely familiar... The loose "grid" and coloured lines in the foreground are printed directly from a found object - the glue traces on the back of a piece of bathroom wall paneling. So as abstract as the result seems, there's also a "quirky" realism.